Monday, January 23, 2017


I've been back in the blogging game for a solid year at this point... and have considered diversifying my output.  Ever since January, 2016 I've discussed a different DC Comics book every day.  While I do plant my flag in the DC Camp these days... it wasn't always that way.
The X-Men are one of the books to thank and/or to blame for my quarter-century-plus addiction to comic books.  It wasn’t the first thing I read, but it was what kept me coming back week-after-week and month-after-month for years.
When comic book enthusiast opine and discuss the “golden age” of X-Men comics, they’re usually talking about this guy…

Chris Claremont, the man behind the X-Men from 1977-1991 and again in 2000.

I, however, talk about this guy…

Scott Lobdell, he who came after... with large shoes to fill.
Scott Lobdell, he who came after… with large shoes to fill.

Popular opinion?  Surely not.  Chris Claremont wrote some of the most timeless and fondly remembered X-Men stories ever put to paper.  I just happened to be born a few years too late to fully appreciate that fact.
Claremont’s time with Marvel’s mutants ended following some contentious circumstances and head-bumping with his editor.  There are many places online that discuss the finer points of Claremont’s departure, including this archived Usenet posting.
Scott Lobdell was brought in as a fill-in scripter during a stint that was rife with upheaval.  Allegedly he was offered the position during a company Christmas party.  Lobdell remained on the books until the late 1990’s.  He was the guiding force behind the family of titles during my adolescence, and as such his work is my “definitive” version of the X-Men.  Everything that has come after has been judged by how much of a departure it is to "my" version... that is to say, the Scott Lobdell (and Company) version.
Chris Claremont made a celebrated (at the time) yet short-lived return to the X-Men family of books in the year 2000.  This blog (and perhaps eventually a podcast) aims to chronicle, analyze and discuss the often maligned interim “from Claremont to Claremont” era.  We're gonna discuss chromium, crossovers, Onslaughts and Ages...
Welcome to From Claremont to Claremont, I hope we survive the experience.